Annual Report Suisse
Annual Report Suisse
Annual Report Suisse
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People show their success with objects of value as if these valuable assets prove relevance of their doing in society. Who determines the meaning of life for so many is often unclear. May it be family, big business or a company. The financial system of worldwide economy is one of the most abstract factors ever because it is almost completely detached from the material world. Depending on who is penning the line, the impact of the line drawn can affect the live of individuals in vastly different ways. Some peopleĀ“s signatures can leave scars on the bodies of many. Some peopleĀ“s signatures are just meaningless and leave no mark at all. Shown are the autographs of the CEOs of the 10 biggest banks of Switzerland. The front depicts the signatures of the two heads of the swiss national bank.

100% cotton / Single color embroidery all over